Good news for a change!

Lou Zocchi was missing in the post-Katrina chaos.

Rick Loomis just got word from Lou’s daughter that they have heard from him, and he is safe in Alabama.

No more is known, but that’s relief enough for the moment.

For those who may be too young to know, Lous was called one of the “grand old men” of the wargaming hobby, when inductyed into the Charles S. Roberts award Hall of Fame twenty years ago, in 1986.

Lou Zocchi was everyone’s “Uncle Lou” and a devout hobby evangelist. Although he designed a few games (Alien Space, The Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe), Lou will probably be best remembered for making the finest dice in the hobby and inventing the “Zocchihedron” (100-sided) die.

“Alien Space.” MAN, that takes me back.

On another topic, what about the gaming and comic stores in New Orleans? Biloxi? Anywhere down there?

Has anyone heard from them?




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