A quiet time…

Marcon musings to follow soon. The convention was great, but my mood was gloomy. Our cherished Cleopatra cat passed away at 3:20 am, Friday morning, in Judith and my arms…an hour before I was to head to the airport. She had been in the hospital for a week, and the doctors could find nothing conclusive. […]

Cosmic Encounter of the Dorky Kind

OK…THIS is kinda one of those one of a kind, unbelievable cool things that happen from time to time in life. Igor has just become an official Cosmic Encounter alien! Yes…THE Cosmic Enounter! It took a few YEARS for The DORK to find its way to Cosmic Online. But it JUST arrived as alien #30 […]

Ohio Bound

So anyhoo, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio this weekend for MarCon’s 40th Birthday Celebration. Although I’m the Comic Book Guest of Honor, I’m also a Gaming Special Guest, and I’ll have tons of Out of the Box goodness with me. I’m hoping to have the latest prototype of Cineplexity on hand, to give that some […]


From the department of Apparently Missing the Point: Subject: Comments from Dork Tower From: “Online Comments” To: “postmaster@dorktower.com” This is an automatic message from Dork Tower to submit some comments. Comments: Can’t we have one form of entertainment kept free of your liberal bilge? You boasted on your blog that you kept your politics out […]

"Cards Mr. Rico! Zillions of 'em!"

I just did the rough math. Taking into account repeats, and guest artist spots, my personal total is now: Munchkin – 168 or so cards Star Munchkin – 165 or so cards Munchkin Bites – 165 or so cards Super Munchkin – 165 or so cards Munchkin II – 110 or so cards Munchkin III […]

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