Ohio Bound

So anyhoo, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio this weekend for MarCon’s 40th Birthday Celebration.

Although I’m the Comic Book Guest of Honor, I’m also a Gaming Special Guest, and I’ll have tons of Out of the Box goodness with me. I’m hoping to have the latest prototype of Cineplexity on hand, to give that some good run-throughs (I *love* this game).

Some guy named Steve Jackson is the actual Gaming Guest of Honor. And it looks like this will be the debut of SPANK. I believe he’ll also have a Super Munchkin prototype on hand.

And even more from the I’m Not Worthy Department: other Guests of Honor include Larry Niven, Larry Elmore, and more!

I’m not scheduled for any talks…just hang with the gamers…but I’ll sure be attending quite a few panels.

And I’ll have some Dr. Blink #1s with me, as well.

Since I won’t be at Origins, this’ll be a great chance to hit the amazing food stands at the North Market, too. (Barry’s New York Deli is AWESOME, as is Flavors of India, and more. Much, much more! I’ll also be shipping some Jose Madrid XX-Hot (Stupid Hot) Salsa back, for sure).

Anyone gonna be there?




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