"Cards Mr. Rico! Zillions of 'em!"

I just did the rough math. Taking into account repeats, and guest artist spots, my personal total is now:

Munchkin – 168 or so cards
Star Munchkin – 165 or so cards
Munchkin Bites – 165 or so cards
Super Munchkin – 165 or so cards
Munchkin II – 110 or so cards
Munchkin III – 110 or so cards
Star Munchkin II – 100 or so cards
European Munchkin cards and other promos – around 25 or so…
Munchkin Dice – 12 cards

Rough Total – 1,020 or so cards

In other words…

I believe — sometime in the last couple of weeks — I just passed 1,000 Munchkin cards!

EDIT – I *totally* forgot Munchkin Blender’s 109 cards. So, yeah, I DEFINITELY passed 1,000 cards this last week.

Suggestions on how to celebrate/relax gladly accepted.


Oh, yeah – this also means Super Munchkin is now done.


BTW, that’s “Master Yoga,” from the Italian Star Munchkin.

He can dance if he wants to,
He can leave the Force behind…

If I get enough work finished, this summer, there’s a chance I might be able to make the Lucca show in Italy in the autumn.

Fingers crossed. I used to live near Milan. But that was a long, long time ago, and I haven’t been back in more than 15 years.


My first art show is up, and will be up for about six weeks.

“Muskrat Angst” will be at Madison’s Cafe Montmartre until the first week of July. It’s a retrospective of pretty much everything I’ve done since my old “Wild Life” days, including the editorial cartoons, with an emphasis on Dork Tower and the gaming illustration I do.

We never got around to doing a formal “Opening,” but there’s a chance, if local rock-gawds The Gomers have room in their schedule, that we may do a “Closing.” Stay tuned for details.

Muskrat Angst
Cafe Montmartre
127 East Mifflin Street in Madison, Wisconsin, 53703.
Café hours:
* Monday – Friday: 3pm – 2am
* Saturday: 5pm – 2am
* Sunday: 7pm – 2am


For all Font Geeks out there, I stumbled across Talking Fonts, a bulletin board for those typographically inclined.


So Wes Anderson DID cop the last scene of “The Life Aquatic” from “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”!

If nothing else, it was worth buying the DVD just for that snippet of confirmation of a thought that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now.


I will be away for a bit. Maybe a week or so. Maybe more.

As hinted at above, I have an enormous amount of work that needs seeing to. Seriously enormous. Lots of games, books, comics, even a children’s book and other things I promised to people.

I fear this means I’ll neither be at Origins or Gencon, but instead be behind the drawing table. Chained to it, if some people have their way. Heh. (I’m already promised to Marcon (over Memorial day weekend) and CONvergeance (4th of July weekend), so I’ll still make those…even if I look a bit harried.

But with luck, good things may come of this all this busy-ness. Some of these projects are incredibly exciting. They just need time, and work, and a bit of luck..or at least two out of those three.

Since it takes about as much time to type up a proper “Muskrat Ramblings” post as it does to come up with a new web cartoon, I’m gonna opt for the web cartoons, in what free time I have. I believe most folks will be happier with the result. I may post some small, trite things, but nothing grand, I fear, if even i was, indeed, able to come up with something grand at the moment.

But I did wanna say…damn. Mitch Hedberg. I meant to post something about this when I first heard the news. Which sucked, like seldom things suck.

I was incredibly fortunate to see him open for Dave Attell and Lewis Black in Madison.

If I did drugs, I’d do some in his honor right now. Unless you count coffee. So maybe I’ll have a coffee, and listen to some of his lines…

Mitch Hedberg
Febuary 24 1968 – March 30 2005

The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I’ll never be as good as a wall.

My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana, I said “No. But I want a regular banana later, so, yeah.”

I think Bigfoot is blurry, that’s the problem. There’s a large out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside.

I like buying snacks from a vending machine because food is better when it falls. Sometimes at the grocery, I’ll drop a candy bar so that it will achieve its maximum flavor potential.

You know that Pepperidge Farm bread, that stuff is fancy. That stuff is wrapped twice. You open it, and then still ain’t open. That’s why I don’t buy it, I don’t need another step between me and toast.

I bought a doughnut and they gave me a receipt for the doughtnut… I don’t need a receipt for the doughnut. I give you money and you give me the doughnut, end of transaction. We don’t need to bring ink and paper into this. I can not imagine a scenario that I would have to prove that I bought a doughnut.

My friend was walking down the street and he said, “I hear music.” As if there is any other way of taking it in. I tried to taste it, but it did not work.

I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.

Someone handed me a picture and said, “This is a picture of me when I was younger.” Every picture of you is when you were younger. “…Here’s a picture of me when I’m older.” Where’d you get that camera man?

Alcoholism is a disease, but it’s the only one you can get yelled at for having. “Goddamn it Otto, you are an alcoholic.” “Goddamn it Otto, you have Lupis”… one of those two does not sound right.

I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, “You’re gonna have to move, you’re blocking a fire exit.” As though if there was a fire, I wasn’t gonna run. If you’re flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit.

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

If you had a friend who was a tightrope walker and you were walking down the street together and he fell, that would be unacceptable.




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