A quiet time…

Marcon musings to follow soon.

The convention was great, but my mood was gloomy. Our cherished Cleopatra cat passed away at 3:20 am, Friday morning, in Judith and my arms…an hour before I was to head to the airport.

She had been in the hospital for a week, and the doctors could find nothing conclusive. We’d hoped bringing her home would make her stronger, but her little heart gave out not six hours after coming back.

She was at home, in the arms of ones who loved her, which I suppose is a good thing.

But it still hurt. A lot.

It hurts still.

Cleo had been with me nearly 18 years – almost half my life. She was one of those wonderful, gentle cats that become part of your soul, and there’s an emptiness without her.

I was able to change my tickets to return from Marcon Sunday afternoon, to be with Judith. The con folks were wonderful and very understanding.

I’ll rave about the con soon enough.

Right now, I just miss my kitty…




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