NOTE: Political stuff follows the jump in this Rambling. Avoid if so inclined. Seriously. I don’t even LIKE writing about politics, so I’ve no idea why you’d want to READ this… I’m not sure why the LiveJournal DorkTower feed is down, or at least is no longer updating the ‘toons, but it’s kinda a drag, […]

The Peel Sessions

John Peel is dead. Veteran BBC broadcaster John Peel has died at the age of 65, while on holiday in Peru. Peel, whose radio career spanned 40 years, was on a working holiday in the resort of Cuzco with his wife Sheila when he suffered a heart attack. He was BBC Radio 1’s longest-serving DJ […]


OK…testing…testing… Or should I say “editing…editing…” Grin. And, of course…I can’t leave well enough alone… Man, I love learning new things with Photoshop Image Ready. Sweet, sweet Tween function…how little money I will make because of you this week… **** Re: Thursday’s Cartoon I’ve started updating and adding some of my own LiveJournal icons, thanks […]

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