NOTE: Political stuff follows the jump in this Rambling.
Avoid if so inclined. Seriously. I don’t even LIKE writing about politics, so I’ve no idea why you’d want to READ this…

I’m not sure why the LiveJournal DorkTower feed is down, or at least is no longer updating the ‘toons, but it’s kinda a drag, since over 3,000 people missed out on yesterday’s cartoon…

A reader writes Hey, I’ve noticed that lately, your comic strips have had a decidedly sexual vibe to them. What could be the cause of this? Seeing this side of you go public is hilarious. I think that Finnish sauna really did something to you…

I’ve had several comments from (mostly) American readers about this.

I wouldn’t blame it on Finland per se. To me, the cartoons have been more nudge-nudge, wink-wink than anything, which I humbly ascribe to my British background. I just don’t see the last two weeks of Online Dork Towers as anything that shocking…


And now (nudge-nudge, wink-wink), some laffs.

The Stranger’s scariest Halloween Costumes (Although my pal Dory already had the idea of going as Lindy England…)

What the Wolves are REALLY After!


And so I finally got to see John Kerry live.

What I’d like to know is, what candidate has the mass media been watching?

You know…the media that reports that Kerry is stiff…unnatural…dare I say…BORING?

Holy crud. I haven’t seen anyone ignite a crowd this way since the ’92 Clinton campaign.

Between 80,000 and 100,000 people arrived to see Kerry with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl, and the atmosphere was just electric. Even a prolonged wait following a brief set by (half of) the Foo Fighters didn’t do anything to damper spirits.

The crowd was charged, energized and alive on a gorgeous Wisconsin Autumn day.

80,000 people lining one street is a thing to behold. And when they’re doing the Wave, it’s marvelous. It’s been reported that this was the largest political gathering in Wisconsin’s history, and I’m really, really glad to have been part of it.

(Above) There were another couple of blocks worth of attendees packed in IN FRONT of this throng!

(Above) Standing Room Only…even if it meant standing on the roofs!

(Above) Foo Fighters (well, half of ’em) and the Boss. Governor Jim Doyle’s intro to Bruce was like Worst…Intro…Evar!

(Above) But if the Boss got a huge cheer, Kerry’s was even louder! Even after a delay, the crowd was psyched.

(Above) The crowd reacting to Kerry…

Energized and thoroughly pumped, I’ve made up my mind to do whatever I can to help. I’m fiercely independent (I’ve voted for Democrats AND Republicans), and I could never see myself as joining any political party. I would suck going door-to-door (trust me on this), but maybe I can help get out the vote, or man some phone lines. I’ve been impressed with Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold, so I’ll roll up my sleeves and join up with their volunteers, and see what I can do…

As the Boss said:

“My songs are about who we are, what we stand for, what we fight for. I believe these essential ideas about America are what is at stake on November second.”

“The future is now, and it’s time to let our passions loose…the country we carry in our hearts is waiting, and together we can move America towards its deepest ideas.”

Get out the vote!

(Thanks to my pal DoryO for taking the pictures).


Lord knows, i never thought I’d be quoting Eminem:

All the people up top on the side and the middle
Come together lets all bomb and swamp just a little
Just let it gradually build from the front to the back
All you can see is a sea of people some white and some black
Don’t matter what color, all that matters we gathered together
To celebrate for the same cause don’t matter the weather
If it rains let it rain, yea the wetter the better
They ain’t gonna stop us they can’t, we stronger now more than ever

Moby called the Mosh video “the best thing I’ve seen all year. It’s an amazing song and an even more amazing video.”


Wow. Bush really IS a uniter…


The Associated Press is reporting that 100,000 Iraqi civilians died in Bush’s war.


Britain, at least, is investigating. I’ve hardly heard a word about it over here.

One hundred thousand dead.

“Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces were women and children,” said the report, conducted jointly by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and the Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad.

One hundred thousand dead.

Want to know what 100,000 people look like? Here’s an idea:

The Philadelphia Enquirer gave 21 reasons not to vote for Bush in its endorsement of John Kerry.

Consider this another hundred thousand.


Voter suppression efforts continue.

The first example comes from Milwaukee, WI. The second from Lake County, Ohio.

“Know your rights,” as the Clash said.


If you live in a battleground state, as I do, you may have seen the “Anything It Takes” ad, one of Bush-Cheney ’04’s “closing argument” pieces.

“Anything it takes”? All it takes, apparently, is Adobe Photoshop.

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