Amazing Soup… er…Poker… er…Stories

Monday, I went over to Badger Poker, a Madison tourney that meets four nights a week. I’ve been a bit trepidatious about this, even though the games are free (sponsors provide the prizes). (Surprisingly, my sucky spell-checker doesn’t have the word “trepidatious.” Instead, it suggests “tendentious” or “dedications.”) However, I’ve been wanting to improve my […]


Friday Morning Media Mish-Mash…or, just another sad, sad excuse to post a picture of Sara Rue. **** Rue-less, but still Wondrous… Tragically, achingly, agonizingly, Sara Rue will NOT be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Poker Showdown, darn the luck. Nor will Wil Wheaton, hang-dang it. But still, it’s back this Sunday, and life is […]

Days of Speed and slow time Thursdays…

Welcome to hell on earth or, as I call it, The Creative Life. Hugely productive week, followed by enormous day of self-doubt and insecurity or, as I call it, Being a Cartoonist. Some very good things in the works. Meaning, of course, the potential for Spectacular Failure. But you keep on keeping on because, frankly, […]

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