Or should I say “editing…editing…”


And, of course…I can’t leave well enough alone…

Man, I love learning new things with Photoshop Image Ready.

Sweet, sweet Tween function…how little money I will make because of you this week…


Re: Thursday’s Cartoon

I’ve started updating and adding some of my own LiveJournal icons, thanks to the generosity of He Who Shall Not Be Named But Gave Me a Paid LJ Account (and gee, my birthday’s over a month away yet, too).

So anyhoo, here is the current crop: no more simple muskrats for THIS simple cartoonist:

And here’s one I probably won’t use, but I like anyway…

Gilly icons? someone wanted Gilly Iicons?

And, of course, an Igor and a Carson:


Speaking of which, Thursday’s cartoon generated almost 100 responses over at the LiveJournal Dork Tower feed.

But is there any way to turn off the collapsed thread functions in your viewer? Over 50 replies, and LJ seems to automatically collapse threads. Which bites, because then it’s hard to tell which are new posts and which aren’t…


Halloween’s almost upon us, and my Captain Spaulding costume still lacks two important ingredients:

1) A pith helmet that fits me. No, Wait. I take that back: ANY pith helmet at ALL. I can find none here in Madison, and…

2) A long-tailed tux which, likewise, fits me.

Other than that, I’m In Like Flynn.


I got a REALLY nice response from the guy who complained about my non-geek-centric cartoon the other day.

I’m not sure why, but I felt I had to respond to his original complaint, and did so thusly:

I’m sorry you feel that way, obviously, but thanks for the other kind words.

Yesterday’s cartoon meant a lot to me, since it is genuinely how I feel. Huge fan though I obviously am of All Things Geeky, there’s more to me than just that, and from time to time, I like doing cartoons about other things.

But I appreciate your taking the time to write to me, and thanks for reading!

A short time later, here’s what arrived in my in-box:

Thanks for your reply, I was hardly expecting anything. I understand what you mean entirely, and apologize for being so presumptuous. Your comics mean a lot to me and I appreciate the work you put into them and the ideas behind them.

Yes, as I’ve always suspected: not ONLY are Dork Tower readers (as a demographic group) a thoughtful, intelligent, witty and — let’s face it — handsome bunch (many of whom look particularly good while co-ed Finnish sauna-ing), but they’re also pretty darned nice, to boot.




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