Arsenic and Old Lullabies…

OK. For the next three weeks, comics will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After that, it’s back to three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). I think tomorrow’s comic is pretty good. I hope folks pop by and see it…and the following week, there are a couple of special surprises that will […]

Draw, draw, draw, dammit!

Well, despite all my best efforts, work is kinda overwhelming again. I finally got today’s Pyramid Online strip up at 11:40 last night…20 minutes before the page went live. On the plus side, I’ve been really having fun with the online strips recently, so if you’re a Pyramid Subscriber, I hope you like it! On […]

Mailbag Monday

Well, it’s about time I answered some of the comments that folks sent into the site. So here goes. Mailbag Monday #1. We’ll see just how long I keep THIS up… Sucks to be a Packers fan, don’t it? 😀 4th and 26. Never forget that, because we sure won’t. Miracles happen. E-A-G-L-E-S! Owen Brau […]

Cthulhu, the Packers and Ireland!

Cthulhu, the Packers and Ireland! Well, they’re all green, for a start… OK…this week REALLY got by me…I can’t believe I only managed one cartoon online in five days. In my defence, I WAS working on a ton of cool new Out of the Box games, as well as the new edition of Creatures and […]


Want to play Dork Tower Frag, but don’t want to destroy your copy of Dork Tower 25? You can now download the Dork Tower Frag board HERE, thanks to those fine folks at Steve Jackson Games. Football notwithstanding, I had a fun, exciting, productive weekend. Saturday night I went to the Cafe Monmartre to watch […]

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