Mailbag Monday

Well, it’s about time I answered some of the comments that folks sent into the site. So here goes. Mailbag Monday #1.

We’ll see just how long I keep THIS up…

Sucks to be a Packers fan, don’t it? 😀
4th and 26. Never forget that, because we sure won’t. Miracles happen.
Owen Brau

Yes,Owen, it is VERY hard being a Packers fan. We have to put long hours in, trying to decide how best to display all the championship trophies and Super Bowl rings the team has garnered over the years. But then, I’m sure you (as an Eagles fan) know exactly what I’m talking about, huh? What? Oh. Uh…oopise! Never mind…

Seriously, I take no joy in the Eagles’ loss yesterday, and commiserations to all the Philadelphia faithful. It was another day of some very interesting football: The Indianapolis/New England game was particularly weird (especially the officiating at the end). I’m happy for my friends in New England, but it’ll be a shame not having an explosive offence in the big game again this year (that’s just the style of the game I prefer)

I feel your pain, I am a Chiefs fan. 9-0 to start the season, 13 game win streak at home, a running back who breaks the all time single season rushing touchdown record, and to lose it all in the second round….
Steve Rice

I hear ya brother. It’s like the Pack went to sleep for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. They shoulda beat the Eagles, and soundly.
Dennis Hafford

The Packers had SO many chances to win that game, it was amazing. Anybody who wants to throw the blame on Farve’s interception is missing the point, in my humble opinion. But the season WAS a great one, and it DID far exceed my expectations. In all honestly, watching the game was spectacular fun. Still, it will be a long time before I get so worked up about something as (relatively) meaningless as a football game again, though…urgh. Between that and the Cubs, I should just swear off of sports for a while…

Hey John,
I was thinking, have you ever considered making some sort of t-shirt about the Cubs and/or the Packers? I think it would be pretty neat.
Sam Russell

As soon as the pain stops, I may just do that…it’s hard to ‘toon through the tears, you know…



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