Draw, draw, draw, dammit!

Well, despite all my best efforts, work is kinda overwhelming again. I finally got today’s Pyramid Online strip up at 11:40 last night…20 minutes before the page went live. On the plus side, I’ve been really having fun with the online strips recently, so if you’re a Pyramid Subscriber, I hope you like it!

On the minus side, it’s meant that I only managed to get two strips up here at DorkTower.com this week. And for the next three weeks, it looks like it won’t get any better. So until Valentine’s day, I’ll have new comics up on dorktower.com Tuesdays and Thursdays. After that, the site should be back on its regular schedule.

On the REAL minus side is that, for all the work I got done yesterday (6 am to 11:30 pm), today was almost the opposite. I have to crank out SOME cards today, otherwise it’ll be a total write-off. And I stayed in Madison while the lovely and talented Judith went to the South Carolina Whad’Ya Know Road show JUST so I could get work done. Blah. Being away from Jusith sucks. Being away from Judith and doing squat foir work sucks worse.

Part of the “problem” is that there are a slew of cool new Out of the Box games coming out this year. But many of their prototypes have to be wrapped up by the New York Toy and Game fair, in mid-February. So until that’s over, I’m kinda chained to my desk.

But make sure you tune into dorktower.com next TUURSDAY, for a special sneak-peek at something I’ve been working on with another cartoonist. I can’t say too much about it now, but I think it’s turning out super. 🙂



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