Onward to ESSEN!

Dorkstock is over. I’m exhausted, and amazed by what the committee was able to pull off. Huge thanks to Lori Ann Curley, the Dorkstock Coordinator. Now, next stop is Essen, Germany! I’ll be there this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, signing at the Feder & Schwert (booth 153, hall 6), celebrating the launch of Livin’ La […]

Dorkstock's almost here!

First, a brief note. SnapDragons #1 just got its first pro review, and they like us! They really like us! Sorry. I’ll stop chanelling Sally Fields now… I love phrases like “I can’t recommend this one highly enough.” Liz and I will be celebrating later. Tonight AND at Dorkstock. Grin. Anyhoo, from Comic Book Resources […]

Dorkstock HO!

First: the brief update: ___________________ I’ve added another day at Essen (Germany)! I’ll now be there Friday, Saturday AND Sunday at the Feder & Schwert booth! See above for dates and signing times. Now, the not-so-brief update: ___________________ DORKSTOCK, HO! The first ever Dorkstock (Saturday, October 12, 2002 – Sunday, October 13, 2002) gets ever […]

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