Onward to ESSEN!

Dorkstock is over. I’m exhausted, and amazed by what the committee
was able to pull off.

Huge thanks to Lori Ann Curley, the Dorkstock Coordinator.

Now, next stop is Essen, Germany!

I’ll be there this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, signing at the Feder
& Schwert (booth 153, hall 6), celebrating the launch of Livin’ La
Vida Dorka in German!

I’ll also have all of the English versions of the trade paperbacks on
hand (assuming the shippers do their job), and copies of ALL the Dork
Tower comic books from issue #5 on up! I only have a few of each, so
get there early if you’d like some!

My schedule is:

Friday October 18 signing: 3 pm – 5 pm
Saturday October 19 signing: 1 pm – 3 pm
Sunday October 20 signing: 11 am to 1 pm

I can’t wait to get back to Germany! My last trip there was for
Hannover Spiel, one of my top-five favorite conventions EVER!

I just have too much work to do before I fly off to Germany, so I’ll
let others talk about how amazing Dorkstock was.

These are all Monday-morning comments from the Dork Tower mailing
list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dorktower/ — it’s a fun, busy

Message: 1

Dorkstock rocks!

Had a blast, and it was really nice that Wizkids set up near Dork Stock. i
was able to get in 2 games of Munckin Blender (and even got to use a power
bookmark in one) and win the game by killing a lame goblin.

Also the numerous games of blink which i never won a single game.

And when tired, an Igor Bar to sustain me for several hours.

Thanks to John again for the shirts and the signing. I really enjoyed
myself. Even won a door prize at the con πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



Message: 2

yes! yes! that was so much fun! i was still buzzing on the one Igor bar
i ate after the 5-hour car ride home, so i went out for a freezing cold
jog -_-; i’m still all excited about being the Blink champ (sorta makes
up for the numerous times i was stomped into the ground playing any
variant of munchkin…), my Dorkstock shirt with Gilly on the back
rocks, all my other swag rocks, i’m really happy about meeting everyone
on the list and Greg and Liz and… oh yeah, John… ^_~


well, even if we never make it to any other con, Rock-Con has definitely
made our list of “yearly things we must do”. now i must head over to the
hobby store and get my guy to order all the other great games i don’t
own for me and pre-order Chez Greek… well, at least my money’s all
disappearing to a good place…

tenor sax, Marching Muskrats


Message: 3

Yeah, my 8-hour drive home turned into ten when I stopped in E. Dundee
and chatted with a buddy for a bit…which turned into two

Good to see y’all again! What a great time πŸ™‚


Message: 4


Would you believe that in addition to all the work she did putting
together the events and the programs, she also found time to create
DorkStock certificates for the winners of said events?

And I’ve got one saying I won Chez Dork. WHEE!!! (Oh, and the fact
that prize was a Dread Pirate Carson card didn’t hurt.)

Running the ongoing Blink tournament was a blast. What Jonnie failed
to point out was that she hadn’t ever played Blink until Saturday
morning. In fact, the person she played off against (Liz) in the
final hadn’t either, and Liz managed to get down to under 30 seconds
at one point. (My Blink deck got a lot of use – not just during the

Beef-a-roo was yummy. πŸ™‚ The Carson-shaped cookies that Sheila
brought were way cool.

And it was my first con as the MIB. The first Munchkin game I’ve ever
run (as opposed to played) had 10 players. (Thank heavens I own
Unnatural Axe.)

So, all in all, WHEEEEEE!!!

Merry Meet!



Message: 5

I do have some great pictures to back up a rockin’ dream!
Dorkstock 2002 –HUZZAH! And the Cap’n is captured in all his glory, as well!

Barbarian’s at the computer next to me downloading them from my
camera and captioning them as best he can. We’re wracking our brains
trying to match names to faces (again!). The nutso part is that we
have great memories of all the faces and the games we played with
them and the great conversations… but their names are what again?
We’ve decided to put up the pictures and let you all identify
yourselves–and then we’ll add them to the captions!

*slaps forehead in anguish* I’m an idiot! I had plenty of memory on
my camera–why didn’t I just grab every single person at Dorkstock
and take their picture with their nametag showing?
Expect to be framed, put up against a wall, and shot, folks… heh heh heh.

Zeph, you’ve GOT to come to next year’s Dorkstock! You’ll love it!

Start saving NOW!


Message: 6

Back home in Denver at last… and man am I beat!!!

Accomplished Goals:

1) Met John, Liz, Greg, Lori, Johnnie, Barbarian, Capt. Geek, and a
buncha other cool Army of Dorkness Staff

2) Beat John at Blink (hee hee!)

3) Got my Dork Shadows and Snapdragons #1 autographed by John and
John and Liz, respectively

4) Got Greg to autograph my Lethargic Lad in DT#20, where Evil Cyber –
Lethargic Lad says ‘Lads shouldn’t play with dead things.’
5) Got a boatload of pics, including one of me for the Army collection

6) Ate at Beef-a-Roo (good stuff!)

7) Won the Dork Tower Trivia Contest (and me only starting to read
them a few months ago, imagine πŸ™‚ )

Failed Goals:

1) Lost the Chez Geek Tournament (rats!)

2) Lost MOST of the ‘official games’ I played in (double rats!)

3) Missed the entry into the Chez Greek Tournament (triple rats!!!)

Bonus Goal Completed:

1) Watched my student 1st Lt. Johnnie (whom I taught Blink to only on
Saturday) win the Blink Finals! Huzzahs to Johnnie!

Anyways, I’ll scan in my pic for the Army collection as soon as I get
my pics developed, and if anybody wants any of the others up, let me

Thanx SO much to Barbarian, Francis, Capt. Geek, Phil, and especially
Lori for putting together and running an EXCELLENT mini-con. Thanx
to Liz for signing my Snapdragons and listening to me gush about her
artwork. Thanx to Greg for being so generous with his comics and his
insight. And especially thanx to John for giving us a reason to hold
such a great shindig!!! Hey Nonny Nonny!!!


Captain, Dork Navy Spelljammer ‘Gilly’s Delight’,
signing off and heading for bed


Message: 7

OK THIS MUST BE SAID AGAIN, seconding (or thirding?) John’s accolades! —

STANDING HUZZAHS TO LORI for all her incredible work putting together
Utterly supreme job, girl. Plus you’re adorable, which doesn’t hurt, either!
(The woman gives -great- hugs.)

Thanks to John and Liz and Greg, who are as brilliant and funny in
person as their work is in print! Lovely people, delightfully mad.

Thanks to ALL the DorkStaff (grin) for that matter. You know who you
are. You are all insane. I -like- that in a bunch of people.

I even got to meet Zombie Master Phil! (Although Barbarian waited
too long to buy Zombies!!! for me and Phil sold out before I got one
I corralled all the MIBs (including John, heh) and put them up
against the wall and shot them–er, took their pictures, that is.
Totally outstanding event, folks!

I’m still buzzed, even though I’m about to fall asleep at the keyboard.
I’ll rhapsodize more with the rest of you, later.


*trumpets blasting, confetti is thrown, fireworks explode, cats flee in terror*


Message: 8

This is one of the BEST cons I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a ton of them!
Great people, fantastic games, madness and laughter. OUTSTANDING!
The Army of Dorkness marches on!

Having spent the last couple of days before the con baking cookies,
I’ve let my email pile up. I’m still not caught up, but what the
heck. The Igor bar I wasn’t supposed to eat (I’m diabetic, like
Barbarian) has long since worn off, although I did save one of the
chocolate-covered expresso beans for a booster. Unfortunately, IT
has worn off now, too. I -must- get more of those beans. They must
be mine!

By the time I catch up on some sleep and attack my email again, other
reports from the front will have arrived…

Permission to pass out, sir?


*STILL wearing her Dork Tower hat and shooing the cats away from her
prized (John drew Carson on it!!!!!) DorkStock 2002 t-shirt*


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