Dorkstock HO!

First: the brief update:

I’ve added another day at Essen (Germany)! I’ll now be there
Friday, Saturday AND Sunday at the Feder & Schwert booth! See
above for dates and signing times.

Now, the not-so-brief update:


The first ever Dorkstock (Saturday, October 12, 2002 – Sunday,
October 13, 2002) gets ever closer. And I just realized it will be my
*last* North American con of the year, so there’s an extra reason to
celebrate (yay — we don’t have to put up with Muskrat Guy any more)!

For those of you who don’t know, Dorkstock is a celebration of all
things Dork Tower. It takes place as a
convention-within-a-convention, during Rock Con (Rockford, Illinois,
Indoor Sports Center 8800 East Riverside Blvd.) Readers and fans from
all over the country will be dropping in.

There are NO extra fees for gaming or for attending Dorkstock once
you’re at Rock Con, and Roc Con admission itself is an amazing $10
for two days! I think it’s the midwest’s best regional gaming con,
and I love it dearly.

And there are some fun new additions to the Dorkstock side of the lineup!

The first is that DorkStock will be the site of the CHEZ DORK NORTH

The second is that this will also be the site of the FIRST EVER CHEZ
GREEK TOURNAMENT. That’s right…I’ll have a prototype deck on hand.
And the winner walks home with the deck!

There will ALSO be *two* ultra-rare “It Must Be Mine” Carson The
Muskrat 7th Sea cards up as prizes, one for each of these events. One
of these cards went at a Charity auction for $400, and they’re
near-impossible to find.

There will be LOTS of other great Out of the Box and Steve Jackson
games prizes, and I’ll have the t-shirts up on Cafe Press soon.

There are LOTS of other cool prizes from Out of the Box and Steve
Jackson Games…

The *tentative* schedule (times may and probably will change) is:

Saturday Morning:
Munchkin/Star Munchkin Grand Tournament

Saturday Lunch:
Apples to Apples Dork Tower Tournament

Saturday Evening:
The Chez Dork North American Championship

The First EVER Chez Greek Tournament

Saturday Morning:
Warhamster Rally

Saturday Lunch:
Dork Tower ZOMBIES!!!

Saturday Evening:
Warhamster Fantasy RPG

Out of the Box Quick-Play Games Round-Robin: Quitch, GoldRush,
Shipwrecked and My Word!

C-TRACK (Continuous and/or miscellaneous)
* Dork Tower Trivia Quiz (Saturday through Sunday).

* Dork Tower Frag games!

* Chez Geek, Munchkin and Star Munchkin games!

* Squint games!

* Beat John at Blink! Once an hour, I’ll play someone at Out Of The
Box’s brilliant game of speed and luck (I did the graphic design for
the game).

* Dork Tower Costume Contest.

* Igor Bar Bake-Off!

* Munchkin Miniatures painting competition. Bring your painted
Munchkin minis to the show. There’ll be prizes for best figure, best
alteration and best set of six.

* The Beef-A-Roo Dork Tower dinner!

* Lots of freebies and give-aways, as well as brilliant prizes.

And don’t forget ALL the other games at Rock Con itself
(! From historical miniatures to Wiz Kids and
D20, this is a fabulous con in a great location with tons of events!
Among the many featured items will be:

Special Guests: John Kovalic (ahem) and James M. Ward.

Gaming: Historical, Fantasy, Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing,
and Live Action.

Painting Competitions!

Many Demos!

Great Dealers: Large Variety

Door Prizes: Every Hour

Silent Auction: Run by Tim Whalen on Saturday

So come on down and help celebrate the first ever Dorkstock, the end
of my North American convention season and all things Parky! For more
information, or if you’d like to run something, drop coordinator Lori
Ann Curley ( a note.

And look forward to Dorkstock Europe at Dragonmeet in London in
November (!



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