Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Young Failure

Life’s nice and quiet here in Madison. I’m still recovering from the convention schedule, and trying to get back into the discipline of drawing a page of the comic book a day. Several folks have asked if the conventions went badly, based on Wednesday’s cartoon (now linked). Anything but. At Wizard World, sales were great. […]

Pardon Me While I Nap…

…for about a week. Chicago Wizard World was great. We almost made as many sales there as we did at the enormous San Diego Comicon, and had a ton of cool, fun folks stop by the booth. But I’ll tell more later. I’m exhausted. In the meantime, here are two highlights: meeting Erin Grey, of […]

The Last Dork Tower World Tour

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m beat. GenCon was an amazing swirl of activity that I’m still not quite coming to grips with. Sales were fabulous (up 200% from last year), but it seemed as if there were few times when I wasn’t talking business. I feel, in short, as if I wasn’t even at the […]

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