The Last Dork Tower World Tour

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m beat.

GenCon was an amazing swirl of activity that I’m still not quite coming to grips with. Sales were fabulous (up 200% from last year), but it seemed as if there were few times when I wasn’t talking business. I feel, in short, as if I wasn’t even at the GenCon I used to know.

Of course, this is a good thing. All three comic books seem to be doing really well,

But I’m tired.

Next year, I can’t do this again. At least not the way Dork Storm did it this year. The conventions are getting too big and too hectic, and they take too much out of me. So I’m hereby announcing that 2001 will be the LAST Dork Tower World Tour Death March as they are now known. I just can’t keep up with the schedules and keep cartooning and hope to do my best work.

Also, I want to enjoy the conventions again as a fan.

In 2003, Dork Storm will return to GenCon. But Origins, San Diego and Chicago will probably see us represented by another company.

Aaron, Scott and I will still be at some of the conventions — just not ALL of the conventions, all of the time. Fridays and Saturdays, you’ll probably see one of us at the big cons. You’ll be able to spot us easily: we’ll finally be relaxing a bit, and having fun.


"The Best of Dork Tower" One of the Country’s Most-Read Comic Books

Dork Tower made the front of Comic Book Resources Monday.

Here’s a taste of the huge news:


by Beau Yarbrough,
News Editor

Posted: August 13, 2001 John Kovalic’s “Dork Tower,” from Dork Storm Press, is a modest, quiet success, the book that you’re surprised when you discover how many of your friends read it.

Except for this month, when it’s one of the best-read comic books in the industry.

Read the full story at

And Speaking of Gen Con…

I’ve put a few photos up from the madness that was the greatest single convention I’ve ever been to.

Aaron Williams and I man the Dork Storm Booth Saturday morning.
The tidal wave of humanity rushes in!

Aaron, Scott Kurtz and I each did a two-hour signing session a day.

At some points, the line went on for the full two hours. It was absolutely amazing. Plus, it was really cool getting to meet so many fantastic folks!

Friday Night saw the third annual Baron Von Munchausen invitational. It was the ONLY game I got to play at GenCon, but it was a blast.

Left to right, the players included John Lewis, Andy Dawson, Kaya Folglio. Phil Foglio, me, James Ernest and Doc Cross. Aaron Williams and a few others got cut out of the frame. Unintentionally. Honest.

"Tell me again, Baron, how it was that you born a woman…"

Kaja Foglio wins the game. Darn her. DARN HER TO HECK!!!!

Yours truly, arriving for the Dork Storm Breakfast Friday morning, at 7 am sharp.
Bear, who travels with me everywhere. Oh, yes…and this little award I won at Origins. 🙂

Phil Foglio, Aaron Williams and I hosted a panel discussion on cartooning and Dragon Magazine.

Here I am, trying to shove a photograph down Phil’s neck for no readily apparent reason…

Judith and I and Aaron and Cristi, at the Dork Tower 5th birthday celebration at the Safe House…



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