International House of Updates. Or: I’M ON FREAKING TABLETOP NEXT WEEK! AIEEE! A couple of heads-ups, for folks who follow my stuff: HEADS-UP THE First: I am going to be on next week’s episode of TableTop. By which I mean: I AM FREAKING GOING TO BE ON NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE OF TABLETOP! HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS! […]

Super Happy Dinosaur Train II Fun Hour

Just in case SOME OF YOU (you know who you are) do not have a toddler living in your household, here’s the “Dinosaur Train” intro, which may help explain the otherwise possibly confusing verse in today’s DORK TOWER a little:

And THIS should link to the “Dinosaur Train” itself: http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/

I love “Dinosaur Train,” by the way. With so many terrible, terrible shows for young kids out there, having something so well-produced and constantly entertaining is a joy. So, if you’re reading this, and you have ANYTHING to do with “Dinosaur Train” at all, kudos! Kudos to you. You make being a parent even better than it already is!


Super Happy Robot Cartoon DIY Fun Hour

Dinosaur Comics reference FTW! Awesome fun times!

About Dork Tower Readers’ Revenge

A couple of months ago, I ran three cartoons all using the same panels. (Don’t worry – I wasn’t trying to skive. they all ran on the same day).

I also threw in a template for readers to come up with their own, and some of the stuff people came up with WERE fantastic. So this week, I am skiving – um, I mean…letting a few hilarious readers take center stage.

All cartoons that run will receive a signed copy of Dork Covenant in the mail!

The DIY Template:

Super Happy Robot Cartoon Template Fun Hour


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