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Upcoming Appearance: Madison Kitchen Gallery, Dec. 12


“THE SECRET ATLAS OF NORTH COAST FOOD” MADISON  SIGNING Posted by John A while ago, I was asked to contribute a chapter to an exciting new book called “The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food,” published by the Heavy Table, and masterminded by James Norton. I’m a huge fan of Heavy Table – possibly my […]

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Dork Tower – Where Do We Go From Here? A Psychological Selfie.


  “First Dork Tower in over two months,” noted one tweet, ecstatically, when today’s strip went up. Boy, oh boy, did I hate seeing that. I never meant to take time away from the strip. But things got busy this summer. Very busy. I mean, like “last five minutes of Iron Chef America, where the […]

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My Insane Charity Bike Ride – now with added DUCK OF DOOM!


  This Sunday, I’ll be biking 70 miles in one day. This is, in all honesty, insane. But I’m doing it for a good cause: Bike the Barns raises critical funds to support the Coalition’s Partner Shares Program, which brings fresh, healthy food from local farms to low-income families in our community. And folks have […]

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“ROFL!” Release Party Saturday, Sept. 14!


Hey, all! My apologies for things being a bit quiet on the Dork Tower front this month. That’s about to change. But there have been some giant things going on. And one of them is coming up! I’m having a party at Pegasus Games in just over a week! Hope you can come along! There’ll […]

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  Guys! GUYS! (As “the kids,” you know, say). “ROFL!”, the party game I designed and illustrated, should be in stores today! Copies of the game got to the British Isles a few weeks ago, so it’s been on sale there for a bit. First reports are great, which thrills me no end. The game […]

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Morning War-Up Sketch 14.07.13


Sunday’s morning warm-up sketch: Minitaur. Possibly should be “Miniotaur.” Ah, well… Of possible minor interest: how closely I DO NOT follow my pencils, at times.

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Mallards and Unicorns and Conquest, OH MY!


Right. I’m back from ConQuest, which is an incredibly cool convention in Kansas City and also BARBECUE BARBECUE BARBECUE BARBECUE BARBECUE BARBECUE. I hit Arthur Bryant’s, as everyone said I should, along with Gates Bar-B-Q, as almost everyone else said I should. In my downtime, I also had Chili from 1919. So I’m going vegetarian […]

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Eat Brains, Shiny Venns and My ConQuest Schedule


My pal Brett Myers suggested this idea to me, a few years ago. I still love it, and I cry silent but tasty Foodie tears that the folks who make my T-shirts didn’t want to make it an actual, honest-to-goodness T-shirt-for-sale. I mean, c’mon! There MUST be ten or twelve people who are into Michael […]

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Kobolds Ate My Baby Update 2 – ALL HAIL KING TORG!


All together now… ALL HAIL KING TORG! Believe it or not, I think this is only the second time I’ve drawn King Torg, that lovable, berserk bundle of orange brutality who leads the Kobolds through a cunning combination of violence, violence and more violence. Here’s the first drawing I did of him, from the Kobolds […]

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