Muskrat Mailbag, March 2

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Hi John,

Apologies if you get a lot of questions like this.

For your Illuminati card drawings were you given a lot of freedom? Or were specific drawings/sketches provided by the manufacturer for you to jazz up and elaborate on?

I only ask after seeing this image:

I know it’s easy for humans to find coincidences, and I’m generally skeptical but it really spooked me.

Kenaf Mae

Hi, Kenaf,

Thanks for your note.

We got a ton of freedom to draw what we wanted, in Illuminati: New World Order.

Over the years, there have been several visual coincidences similar to this, which – I suppose – is likely, when you have a game with hundreds and hundreds of cards, all playing off of contemporary themes. Doubly so when the game is making fun of conspiracy theories.

I’ve seen entire websites devoted to cards that seem to have been prescient.

Some coincidences have been closer than others, of course. But this one (I didn’t draw it – it looks like Shea’s art) is one of the weaker ones I’ve seen.

In this case, the Blackjack hand seems to me to be 10 + 11, not 10 + 1 – it would be a very, very bad blackjack player who played the Ace as a “one” in this hand.

Anyway, back to your question – in general, the art specs were very loose. My “France,” card, for example, I came up with the Eiffel Tower view, which I thought made it look at least a little bit like a pyramid. Same with the Japan card that I drew. I don’t remember the specs being anything more than “Draw something French.”


HI John,
Just a quick question to find out if there will be any new collected Dork Tower books coming? Its been a while since the last one and it would be nice to read the old comics every now and again without spending hours on the internet.

Hi, Scott,

New collections should be coming out soon.

The Kickstarter for the Tao of Igor will be in this Spring, and new collections of the online comics will follow, along with 20th anniversary editions of the older books.


From: Antonina 
Subject: the young girl from Pyrkon
Location: Poland

Message Body:
Hallo, John!

Do you remember this little girl (Helenka), who showed you her comic book at Pyrkon?

She has now her own fanpage with her graphics and animation on Facebook! We invite you too watch it, like and maybe share? She will be very proud 🙂

Best regards!

Tosia, Helenka’s mother 🙂


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