“Blow blow, thou Stretch-Goals” – MUNCHKIN SHAKESPEARE art notes

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Munchkin Shakespeare Art Notes … told by an idiot, full of ink and furry monsters, signifying an aching wrist….

Usually, when I get around to typing up the dreaded Art Notes for a Muchkin project, said project has been finished for months.

Typically, I need to go back: to revisit the gig, to re-familiarize myself with my own drawings as, in the intervening period, I’ve started and completed at least one (and often multiple) Munchkin projects since then.

NAY, not so for Munchkin Shakespeare.

Ohhhhh, nay, indeed.

King Leer. LEER! Sorry not sorry. (Not final art)


If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook (or, those times I actually I remember, Tumblr), you’ll know I’ve been having a ton of fun with this, the latest bit of Munchkin madness from Steve Jackson Games.

Part of the fun’s been the sharing of new art, as I complete it, with you guys. A poor thing, perhaps, but my own, if I might quote a certain someone out of context…

Every other Munchkin project? I need to keep them secret: most aren’t even announced to the public until the game’s at press, well after my last drawings are done.

As Munchkin Shakespeare’s being Kickstarted, though, getting the word out is critical – as is me keeping track of how many new cards I need to draw, every time a Stretch Goal is pummeled (Kicked down? Stabbed? Unnaturally axed?)

Part of the fun comes with drawing characters I’ve deeply loved, over the years. As I mentioned in this Geek and Sundry interview, and last week’s live chat on Steve Jackson Games’ YouTube channel, I’m a huge Shakespeare nerd.

Witches Three. Plus cat. (Not final art).

I’ve grown comfortable sketching out my own take on classic characters, probably since Munchkin Oz. Since then, of course, there’s also been Munchkin Grimm Tales, and Munchkin Wonderland.

But, good grief, you know when I get excited about Drawing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, that I’ve found my happy place.

At rough count, I’m probably 100-plus cards into the project, with about 100 more to go. Not counting more stretch-goals. (And definitely not counting the Dungeon cards, which take significantly more time). But right now, I’m ridiculously happy with how it’s going. (“WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH JOHN?” a hundred people who know me now scream in unison).

Part of the joy – yes, joy – of this project comes with first glimpses of what Steve and Andrew have wrought, on the cards. “Two Gentlemen of Bologna”? Yes. Yes, please. “The Scary Wives of Windsor”? Absolutely! “Aides of March” I see what you did there, Andrew Hackard!


Lady Macbeth – plus damn spots to get out…USE TIDE for all those uncomfortable stains! (Not…wait for it…final art.)

It’s also been delightful watching Steve Jackson Games’ amazing art department bring these sketches to life. Colorists who know their craft go a long, long way into helping the rest of us look a lot better than we actually are! Lady Macbeth’s hands! LADY MACBETH’S BLOOD-STAINED HANDS!

As I type this, the Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter is poised to break $200,000 – and that means (yes) more cards. So I’d better get back to drawing.

Exit, pursued by a deadline!



PS – you may have noticed Munchkin Shakespeare has been playing havoc (and unleashing the dogs of war) on Dork Tower, these last couple of weeks. I hope to be back to the normal Tuesday-Thursday schedule starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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