Well Met, Dragonmeet!

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t-shirtcolorlowresHey, guys!

Sorry! Long time no desperate wailings about the fall of Western Democracy talk see!

HEY! This Saturday – THIS VERY COMING SATURDAY – I’m returning to Britain’s DRAGONMEET, at the Novotel London West, in Hammersmith, for the first time in years!

You have no idea how excited I am, to be back at this amazing con after all these years. This was always a very special con, for me. I’m so ridiculously pleased to be a returning guest.

I’m bringing my signing pens, and here’s my schedule at the moment

  • 11 am – noon: Signing at Main Desk.
  • 2.30-3.30: Seminar “What’s up with Kovalic? Munchkin, Dork Tower, and all..?”
  • 4.30-5:30 pm: Signing at Main Desk
  • 6pm – BEERS! Somewhere.

Bring anything you’d like signed: I also designed the nifty Dragonmeet t-shirts this year, which will be available. As you well know, though, unsigned Things By Me always bring higher eBay prices than Signed Things By Me: they’re far rarer.

I am tremendously excited to be back this great convention! As many of you know, despite my current accent (I’ve had many, over the years), I was born in Britain, so Dragonmeet has always been a special con, to me.

It almost feels like a homecoming!




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