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GClogo-header-2016-91a751cab7b3dc33dd0ac3b3b95595ac9c4e1b4bc5f42b6388531396cb8729beHey, all! Here’s where you can find me at Gen Con, the Best Three Days of Gaming for Me Because I’ll be Home Sunday Morning Weeping that I’m No Longer at Gen Con ™:

WEDNESDAY, August 3rd
8 pm – onwards – Diana Jones Awards, Cadillac Ranch.

THURSDAY, August 4th
5-6 pm – Signing at Steve Jackson Games booth (with Steve Jackson)
7 – 8 pm – Munchkin Tavern Guest of Honor (with Steve Jackson)

FRIDAY, August 5th
11-12 pm – Signing at Steve Jackson Games booth (with Andrew Hackard)
5-6 pm – Signing at Steve Jackson Games booth (with Len Peralta)

SATURDAY, August 6th
11-12 pm – Signing at Steve Jackson Games booth
3-4 pm – Signing at Cool Minis or Not booth

I’m not on any panels or anything this year. I think you need to submit your name or somesuch to organizers, and I’m always much too busy and much too disorganized, and I tend to forget these things. Also, I don’t like asking for things. I’m weird, that way. Honestly, a good friend is running a super panel I’d love to be on, and I can’t even bring myself to mention it in polite conversation. THAT’S how much I hate asking for things. I’m weird, that way. I may need help.

So, anyway, apart from the above, I’ll also be hanging out as much as I can at the Renegade Games booth (#2304), demoing DOUBLE FEATURE every chance I get. Your best chance to catch me may well be there. There’s some big, fat Double Feature news coming down the line, but it’s not ready yet.


I don’t think there’s anything new I’ve done for MUNCHKIN that will be at the show, this year. But after drawing 5,500 cards, you lose track. Anyway, I’ll be at the Steve Jackson games area enough that they’ll be sick of me by the end of the show. God bless ‘em.

There are two big releases for me, this year. The first will be CTHULHU IN THE HOUSE, from Cool Mini or Not (note I’ll be at their booth Saturday, for the official release of Cthulhu in the House. IT LOOKS SO NIFTY! I blogged all about it, here).

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The second is CASH ‘N GUNS: TEAM SPIRIT, the second expansion for the Very Wrong But Very, Very Fun Cash ‘n Guns game. They’ll have it in the Asmodee area, which I think has its own time zone, this year.


No matter where you catch me, I’m always happy to sign everything (save one or two certain body parts. Well, one actually – I have stories).

I’ll probably be adding more to this list, so check back right before the show! Hope to see you somewhere along the way. It’s because of you all that I’m able to do the things I love for a living. Thank you again for that! I never want to take that for granted.

– John



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