Changes in my Schedule.


I regret to announce that I will not be making it to FanExpo in Toronto next month, after all.

July was a hugely busy month, bookended by two massive shows, made awful by the passing of Judith’s mother. Indeed, I had to fly to Minneapolis directly from San Diego Comic Con to be by her side, hours before she passed away.

My head’s been in a weird space since then, and the need to be at home for a while, and recharge and regroup, has been pressing on my mind.

I would desperately loved to have gone to Toronto  – Lord knows, FanExpo has done its very best to get me there. The organizers created a fun, light schedule that would let me see my many friends in Toronto (one of my favorite cities in one of my very favorite countries in the world). I know I’d have enjoyed it a great deal.

Sadly, though, these last few weeks, I’ve just not felt like myself: and to help Judith and her family through this time, I feel I need to be more rested, and more centered.

With trepidation, I see my first Kickstarter – along with a couple of giant Munchkin deadlines – on the horizon, and that also needs me to be at my best.

I am truly sorry I shan’t be in Toronto. I would absolutely have loved to have seen FanExpo, and join in the fun, and visit with so many friends.

With my very deepest apologies, but huge thanks to FanExpo for being so understanding and accommodating.

One day, I shall get there!



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