Domesticate an Owlbear at GameHoleCon!


Hey, guys! YES MORE COMICS ARE COMING! And soon.

Sorry – it’s been a busy six months.

But for the moment…

GUYS! I created an Owlbear plushie!

The Uncommon Domesticated Owlbear.

These will be available starting June 27th at noon CST at Madison’s GameHoleCon, where I will be a guest) when badges on sale. As announced on GameHoleCon’s Facebook page this morning.

Price will probably be $25. Half the proceeds will go to Pat Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity foundation. (The other half will go to paying for the production of the darned things).

Costs, etc., are still being discussed. So these may chance a bit between now and then. But the numbers should be close. There’s a good chance it may at some point be available directly from Worldbuilders, as well. And we’re looking into ways to get them in general game-store circulation, as well.

But why risk it? Come on down to GameHoleCon in Madison, in November, and grab one for your very own!



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