PYRKON 2015 is here! And so am I!



I’m at Prykon, in Poznan, Poland, this weekend! If you are too, here’s my schedule:

Friday: 4PM – Autographs
Friday: 6PM – Meeting with fans Q&A with translator

Saturday 10 am: Munchkin Tournament starts
Saturday: ~1:30 PM – end of Munchkin Tournament, photo and drawing for the winner.
Saturday: 5PM – Autographs
Saturday: 7PM – John will draw his favorite Munchkin character and will talk about his technic and people will try drawing the same thing on their own cards (50 minutes, 20 people)

Sunday: 12PM– Autographs
Sunday 2PM – Play Munchkin with John (1 hour, 4 people)


This makes my first-ever trip to Poland, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

My flights were great, and my hosts here are wonderful. My first meal in Poland was everything my Eastern-European blood (by way of my Dad’s Slovak side of the family) could have hoped for):



Amazing borscht and pierogi, a great Ukranian beer, and I am one happy, happy cartoonists!

— John


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