“Kitty Finds a Home” by Daughter, Age 5


Daughter, Age 5…Author!

So the other day, sitting outside the Cafe Bavaria in downtown Wauwatosa, Daughter, Age 5, found a small notebook in her backpack. And she wanted us to make a book.


Now, granted, Kid’s Washable Markers and 4″ tall notebooks are not generally my media of choice. But you come to a project with the materials you have, not the materials you wish you had.

She dictated the story and then dialogue, while I drew.

So here it is: “KittynFinds a Home.”



(She wrote in the word “Cat” there, by the way).



(“That’s the finest kitty I ever saw” is not, in fact, Mamet, but her own words.)


(She wished me to add sound effects, and was quite specific about them.)


Also, she gave me a dollar for my Insane Charity Bike Ride, when it was done.

So already she’s got a better payment record than half the publishers I’ve worked for.

— John


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