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Muskrat Ramblings
Insert Bear Pun Here
Posted by John

Just a quick update on Frakie the Bear’s saga, as reported here this last Tuesday.

Guess who stopped by when I got home that day?

The “HOLY FRAK” moment occurs about 1:20 in.

I’ve named him “Frackie the Bear,” by the way, as that’s quicker and easier than saying “HOLY FRAK! THERE’S A FRAKKING BEAR IN OUR FRAKKING YARD!” every time.

I’m also thinking of rewriting the lyrics to this, to reflect the Frackie the Bear saga.

Muskrat Central: Bear-free for 27 hours, now.


I’m quoting my pal Matt Forbeck verbatim, here, as I’m biased, having written the intro to “The Bones,” the new book by GamePLAYwright. have just opened up pre-orders for the special edition of The Bones, a book of essays about everyone’s favorite random number generators: dice. It features pieces by some of the brightest lights in the gaming industry, including Keith Baker, Jason L Blair, Greg Costikyan, Ray Fawkes, Pat Harrigan, Jess Hartley, Fred Hicks, Will Hindmarch, Kenneth Hite, John Kovalic, James Lowder, Russ Pitts, Jesse Scoble, Mike Selinker, Jared Sorensen, Paul Tevis, Jeff Tidball, Monica Valentinelli, Chuck Wendig, and Wil Wheaton. Plus a little bit by me titled “Daryl Hannah’s Dice Saved My Marriage.”

“The special version is a hardcover edition limited to just 100 copies, each of which comes with the PDF of the book as well. Will Hindmarch, who put the whole book together, will sign and number each of these personally.

“I already have my PDF of the book, and it’s fantastic. If you’ve ever owned a dice bag, if you’ve ever spun a d6 on its point, if you’ve ever wondered about the most basic tools we use to determine our fate, this book is for you.”



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