MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS – Archon 32 and Atlas Firesale

I’ll be at Archon 32 (just outside of St. Louis) this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, pulling double-duty as both Artistic Guest of Honor and Gaming Guest of Honor.

Archon’s the second-to-last of only four cons I’ll have attended this year. Part of the reason for the lack of connage is work; another part is that I just kinda like being at home, these day; and part is…well, let’s just say there’s a big announcement in the near future! (Those of you who know what I’m talking about – it’s all still very hush-hush, so consider it still pretty darned Top Secret! Perhaps by Dorkstock everything will be signed and I’ll have news to tell…)


Just had word from my good friends at Atlas Games that they have to get rid of all their D20 stuff, since the license expires this year.

Among their fine products (and trust me – these are great releases) is the Dork20 Deck, one of the niftiest projects I’ve even worked on. As described by the company:

Once again your character finds himself lying at the bottom of the Pit of Eternal Doom, waiting for the approaching Turbonium Dragon to munch on his tasty carcass. What do you do?

A) Beg the dragon not to use your bones as toothpicks.

B) Trust the kindly GM to bail you out.

C) Spring your “Oh, the Humanity!” card on the dragon to keep him from saving against your cause fear spell. Then, when it has fled before your magnificent buffness, use your handy “Huzzah!” card to take 20 leaping out of the pit!

Atlas Games comes to the rescue with the Dork20 Deck – 56 full-color cards illustrated by award-winning cartoonist John Kovalic. Dork20 Deck cards modify the standard d20 system rules, allowing characters to perform nigh-impossible deeds that turn your adventures into legend, and your game sessions into hilarious fun! The Dork20 Deck can be used with any d20 system roleplaying game.

I’ve used them with other systems as well – the cards are easily converted to just about any game.

Well, get this: due to the fire sale, the price has dropped from $12.95 to TWO DOLLARS!

Most of the illustration on my LJ mood indicator (if that’s what you call it) are taken from the deck, and I’m darned pleased with how it turned out.

The bottom line: Atlas would rather get all their D20 products into gamers’ hands, rather than pulp them, so they’re selling many below their printing cost, and all of them at steep discounts (available at Warehouse23)

Title Old SRP New SRP
Three Days to Kill (Penumbra D20) $8.95 $2.00
The Tide of Years (Penumbra/D20) $10.95 $2.00
Touched by the Gods (Penumbra/D20 Hardcover) $23.95 $5.00
Maiden Voyage $9.95 $2.00
Backdrops (Penumbra/D20) $8.95 $2.00
Seven Strongholds (Penumbra/D20) $20.95 $5.00
The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary (d20) $44.95 $10.00
Crime and Punishment (Penumbra D20) $29.95 $10.00
Sacred Ground II (Penumbra/D20) $19.95 $5.00
The Dork20 Deck $12.95 $2.00
En Route III: The Road Less Traveled $17.95 $5.00
Seven Civilizations (Penumbra/d20) $19.95 $5.00
Ascension of the Magdalene (Coriolis UA/D20) $13.95 $5.00
The Black Monks of Glastonbury $17.95 $5.00
Nyambe: African Adventures (D20) $37.95 $10.00
Dire Spirits (Nyambe/D20) $12.95 $2.00
Ancestral Vault (Nyambe d20) $19.95 $5.00
Northern Crown: New World Adventures $29.95 $10.00
Northern Crown: Gazetteer $29.95 $10.00

I have many of these, and can vouch for their quality. So pick up a Dork20 deck for an incredible price now, and check out the amazing Atlas Games D20 fire sale in full!



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