My Little Fan Art

Could the chap who won the “Become a Little Victim for Mr. Azathoth” at Warpcon’s charity auction, or anyone who knows him, kindly contact me? I’ve lost his e-mail address, and I need a photo ASAP… **** Guess what I’m starting the card art for today? Yes, this: ARRRRRRRRRRRRR! **** When the “Fan Art” page […]

A Rememberance of Things Post

Short of taking up arms and going to war, one of life’s most frightening prospects must surely be going through old boxes of your stuff from when you were a kid. I mean, school reports from first grade through college; birthday cards from dearly missed grandparents; the very first cartoons you ever drew; congratulations cards […]

I Eat Hot Pockets And I VOTE!

These last couple of mornings, as the sun first poked its head above the eastern hills, the woods behind the house turned into a crystalline wonderland. Walking through them just after dawn, a couple of sounds broke through the silence, adding to the sense of frozen awe. First, there was the crunch of the ice […]

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