Gen Con Files for Chapter 11

Gen Con Files for Chapter 11 SEATTLE (February 15, 2008) Gen Con LLC announced today that it has filed for Chapter 11 protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the State of Washington. This action became necessary as a result of significant unforeseen expenses associated with attempts to expand its core business to encompass […]


There are two bands that I’m just stunned more folks in the US who know music don’t know more about*: Slade and Stiff Little Fingers. I picked up Slade’s greatest Hits while in London. Their muddy, crunchy guitar riffs, along with Noddy Holder’s raspy vocals and the screaming energy they’d infuse in so much of […]

Updaty Thingy

Since some people are peeved that I’m the Grinch That Stole Valentine’s Day (from Matt and Gilly, at any rate), here’s a sweet piece of Fan Art from , Ginny (of Birmingham, England, I believe) in honor of the day. It should help make amends, at any rate. Which actually leads me to a bona […]

Stupid, Stupid Weather Records

I’ve always wanted to see what a record-setting snowfall was like, in much the same way I wanted to be part of the heady experience that is a root canal. Last night, Madison got hit with the snowfall that finally pushed us into record territory. Not even at mid-February yet, it’s official: the last Ice […]

Coming Up For jetlagged Air

Jetlagged, and with a small cold after being in Cork and London. Didn’t do much in London, save hang out with the family as my Dad was having surgery (which he’s come through with flying colors, so, yay). Saw the Carl Rosa Opera Company’s terrific Mikado at the Gielgud theater on Shaftsbury Avenue, and hit […]

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