My Little Fan Art

Could the chap who won the “Become a Little Victim for Mr. Azathoth” at Warpcon’s charity auction, or anyone who knows him, kindly contact me? I’ve lost his e-mail address, and I need a photo ASAP…


Guess what I’m starting the card art for today?

Yes, this:



When the “Fan Art” page goes up on the new web site, there have to be sections for both Dork Tower and Munchkin fan art.

Now, it looks like we’ll need a My Little Cthulhu Fan Art page as well.

Some of these, I’ve seen before. For example:

Others, I’ve misplaced. If anybody still has some of other My Little Cthulhu pieces I’ve seen about the place, or links to them, I’d appreciate it.

However, THIS was new to me:


This is such a damn fun job sometimes, y’know?



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