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Sorry. Lots of things to talk about. Soon. Essen. Amazing mind-fuck of a show. Exhausted. jet-lagged. Brlliant. Huge lines. Wow. Hand hurt. Big announcement to make. Again, soon. Need to work up inner strength to say what needs to be said. Plus news on kittens. ALL have found good homes. Joyous. Heartbreaking. Miss ’em. BUT… […]

The Kitten Saga III

I’m in my Pre-Panic Convention Mode. Is it really only four days ’til when I’m back in Essen? I’ll be flying in Thursday, but won’t be at the show until Friday. I’m scheduled to do a couple of signings a day at the Pegasus Spiel booth, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. **** This also means Dork […]

Kitten Saga, Day IV

And, speaking of kittens… People who’ve been interested in the kittens have asked us what they look like. “OMG, they are SO cute,” is the standard answer. “You mean. like, ugly cute?” comes the response, which always puzzles us. No, like Kitten Calendar cute. Kitty Kitty has always had hella-cute kittens, and the current menagerie […]

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