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Sorry. Lots of things to talk about. Soon.

Essen. Amazing mind-fuck of a show. Exhausted. jet-lagged. Brlliant. Huge lines. Wow. Hand hurt.

Big announcement to make. Again, soon. Need to work up inner strength to say what needs to be said.

Plus news on kittens. ALL have found good homes. Joyous. Heartbreaking. Miss ’em.


An editorial cartoon today. On the AAEC site. It was so horrid, so mindless, I thought it HAD to be by one of the wannabees who all-too-frequently posts on the AAEC website, detracting from some of the pros who are doing some really impressive work.

But NO! It’s by an an actual, honest-to-gawd paid professional!

Now, I was once a staff edit cartoonist. I now dabble in it des temps en temps (“O” Level French skillz. Coolez). And I have many friends remaining in the profession, some of whom are, I believe, brilliant and groundbreaking. The best of their generation. Struggling to find jobs. So I still care very mich about the these things, even though I now draw far more muskrats than presidents.

So, with that admission:

Victor Harville
Stephens Media Group
Oct 25, 2007

See, it’s FUNNY, because Dumbledore is GAY, see, and that MEANS that HE, like ALL gays, solicits sex in RESTROOMS, see. Hil-freaking-larious, see?

What a piece of shit cartoon.

What a waste of space.

Or am I just cranky from jetlag?

No…I am jetlagged, but it’s still a piece of shit cartoon.



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