Occasionally, this blog is read by one or two people who work in the gaming industry, pushing its readership solidly into double digits. Wooo! Anyway, it’s long past time that I got an Xbox 360, and turned in my old Xbox V 1.0s (yes, I’ve got two, so they can be wirelessly linked for Double […]


We did it! For a couple of glorious days last weekend, Buster was the Number One rated kitty on Now, he’s solidly ensconced in the second spot, behind only venerable Monorail Cat. Bill asked me to pass along the following note of thanks to everyone. Thank you Army of Dorkness! I just wanted to […]


You all know that my pal Bill Bodden is one of the best guys in teh universe, right? And his S.O. Tracy is another in the short list of My Favorite People, Like, Evar. Well, their kitty, Buster, is now Number 2 with a bullet on lolcats favorites page. This may well be the closest […]

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