We did it!

For a couple of glorious days last weekend, Buster was the Number One rated kitty on LOLcats.com. Now, he’s solidly ensconced in the second spot, behind only venerable Monorail Cat.

Bill asked me to pass along the following note of thanks to everyone.

Thank you Army of Dorkness!

I just wanted to thank you all for giving our little Buster a leg-up in the lolcat challenge. It would appear as though spite has taken over for our competitors, as Buster continues to get a lot of votes daily (40+ today alone) but his rating average is dropping. We preferred to go the positive route of encouraging people to vote FOR Buster rather than against someone else, but to each his own.

You know what? That’s okay; Buster had his moment in the sun, and I’m not convinced he would know the difference anyway, as he does not read very well.

So thanks again, everyone, for jumping on the bandwagon and rooting for the mighty Buster! He even snared a few souls in the process…

Buster’s pal Bill

Speaking of Buster the Demon Cat’s days in the sun…

Way to go, Army of Dorkness


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