I’ve illustrated six full Munchkin games: Munchkin; Star Munchkin; Munchkin Bites!; Super Munchkin; Munchkin Impossible and now Munchkin Cthuhu. At about 168 cards each, that makes 1,008 cards.

I’ve illustrated eight Munchkin supplements; Munchkin 2; Munchkin 3; Munchkin 4; Munchkin 5; Star Munchkin 2; Munchkin Bites 2; Super Munchkin 2; and Munchkin Blender. At around 112 cards each, that’s 896 cards.

And there’s been about 30 or 40 cards for foreign editions. Let’s say 30. (Anyone have a full count, by the way?) And let’s say 20 or so promotional cards for Steve Jackson Games (in Munchkin Dice and con specials).

So overall, that’s 1,954-ish Munchkin cards I’ve drawn. With the emphasis on “ish.”

Now, there are a few cards less, due to things like blank cards, the repeated Loaded Die illustration (by far my least favorite drawing, and yet one that occurs the most often in all the games), and a few guest appearances.

But the next Munchkin set I do (not telling what it is. Heh heh heh) will contain my 2,000th Munchkin card.

I feel like trying to mark this event somehow.

I’m also trying to figure out if this is even close to some kind or record or something. I’m not sure about any other game systems that contain 2,000 cards by the same artist. Should such things exist, though, I’m sure the Interwebs will provide the answer.

Still, record or no, 2,000 cards is a lot.

Given what I know of the upcoming schedule, my guess is I’m likely to get to that card sometime in May or early June.

Wonder what I should do, then?


Anyone else see the Food Network Awards last night?

Awful, awful television. Eye-bleedingly bad.

We made it through ten minutes, of the later showing, and were driven away by the ankle-biting, stomach-churning awfulness.

Then had nightmares. Seriously.

So it was nice to wake up this morning to Anthony Bourdain’s take on it.



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