Busy Busy-ness

Much busy-ness. For the next few weeks, I fear, I’ll only be running DorkTower.com cartoons Tuesdays and Thursday. By the end of February, I’m hoping to be back to three times a week again. But the New York Toy Fair looms, and then I have to go to Orlando to demonstrate Out of the Box […]

Wednesday Afternoon Madness

It bugs me that I wasn’t able to post ‘toons last Friday or Monday, but the sheer amount of work I’ve been diving through really meant that everything I was doing was geared towards making deadlines and getting as much stuff out as I could. It’s a heavy time for us here at Out of […]

My Fandom is Random Tees

Ask and ye shall receive. FRONT: BACK: Some of the categories are a but redundant, and that’s OK. But I could add a LOT more “Fandoms.” Anyone want to suggest some I’ve missed? I’ll try and have something up on Cafe Press tomorrow. Offworld Designs has already agreed to make up a proper run. John

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