Wednesday Afternoon Madness

It bugs me that I wasn’t able to post ‘toons last Friday or Monday, but the sheer amount of work I’ve been diving through really meant that everything I was doing was geared towards making deadlines and getting as much stuff out as I could. It’s a heavy time for us here at Out of the Box, with the New York Toy Fair coming up, and my main work there has to be done before I leave for Warpcon. huzzah, huzzah!

Speaking of Warpcon, I may be on my own Thursday, so if anyone’s doing dinner or anything, let me know. I’ve been severely jonesing for the Crow’s Nest. And the English Market. And the Cafe Paradiso. And…well, everything really. (Anthony Bourdain did a small bit in Cork in his most recent No Reservations, which I was pretty psyched about).

And what else is happening? Guess what’s shipping from the printer next week. The Dr. Blink trade paperback!

A hundred and forty-four pages, in full color, packed with extras. Priced at a mere $14.99 (because that’s what People Who Know tell me it’ll take to get it into the book trade). All of Team Blink is tremendously excited and proud of this one, and I must say, it looks gorgeous. Chris and Melissa did sterling service helping it get to press, and it shows. Now, I’ve just got to try not worrying too much about losing my shirt on this. Missing the 4th quarter sales period last year bit, but it’s done and there’s nothing I can do about that now.

Seriously, ask your friendly neighborhood games and comics shops to bring in some copies for you…for friends..for pets…you won’t be disappointed. Well, OK, maybe the pets will be. But still…for the love of God, buy something!

And a little something extra: some new cards for the Italian Munchkin releases. Me? I’m just glad I’ve got a job that occasionally lets me draw evil, evil Smurf-like creatures.

Tanto è Finto (E Se Non Lo Fosse?) (Anyway it is not true (and what if it is?))

Mortacci Tua (Old and Ancient Dead People of your Family)

Sacra Palla Demolente (Holy Demolition Ball)

Puffi Mannari (WereSmurf-like-things)



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