Busy Busy-ness

Much busy-ness.

For the next few weeks, I fear, I’ll only be running DorkTower.com cartoons Tuesdays and Thursday. By the end of February, I’m hoping to be back to three times a week again. But the New York Toy Fair looms, and then I have to go to Orlando to demonstrate Out of the Box games to regional managers for a giant book chain.

Think we might take a day or two extra to soak up some Disney World madness. I’m funny that way. Any Disney employees wanna sneak us in on a whim? Grin.

Cool stuff on slate for the Warpcon charity auction, including the first EVER My Little Cthulhu, the prototype Munchkin Cthulhu game, and much, much more.

Other grand news: The Dr. Blink trade paperback is printing, like, NOW, and…wait for it…Cineplexity should be in by the New York Toy Fair! If you go, be sure to ask for a demo from one of the designers!

Oh, yeah: and, the follow-up to My Little Cthulhu?



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