NEVER pick up a Duck in a Dungeon…

Back from London. And I’ve really got far too much work to be doing this morning to be posting to LJ… But… DUCK OF DOOM DISCOVERED! Killer kangaroo, demon duck of doom roamed Outback SYDNEY (Reuters) – Forget cute, cuddly marsupials. A team of Australian paleontologists say they have found the fossilized remains of a […]

Thinking on Stinking

Friday’s Daily Reporter ‘toon: **** And a nice e-mail with a cautionary tale: Comments: I love the current strip series. I’ve encountered far too many gamers that had only passing familiarity with personal hygiene, if even that. I had a friend, a fellow gamer, that I had invited to play in a game that I […]

Today's the Fourth of July…

Today’s the Fourth of July Another June has gone by And when they light up our town I just think What a waste of gun powder and sky – Aimee Mann This being the Fourth of July, let’s talk British snack foods. Someone mentioned that Walkers Worcestershire Sauce flavour crisps were no longer available. And […]

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