Today's the Fourth of July…

Today’s the Fourth of July
Another June has gone by
And when they light up our town I just think
What a waste of gun powder and sky
– Aimee Mann

This being the Fourth of July, let’s talk British snack foods.

Someone mentioned that Walkers Worcestershire Sauce flavour crisps were no longer available.

And does it have anything to do with this recall?

Hot on the heels of Pringles curry crisps’ demise, this saddens me. Does anyone know the truth?


Due to popular demand, I’ll try and find a way to have Monday’s cartoon made into either a poster or a t-shirt by GenCon.

Unfortunately, having missed out on Origins, I must also give GenCon a pass. Far too much work needs to get done.


With England now out of the World Cup in disappointing fashion (new team slogan: “Come On England – the Road to the Inevitable Quarter-Final Defeat, Most Likely on Penalty Kicks”), I’m trying to decide whom to support.

From their recent play, I’m leaning towards France. Although this is, diplomatically speaking, tricky, as Dork Tower now runs in German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

Allez Les Bleus!


What’s the difference between England’s World Cup Team and three pieces of wood?

The pieces of wood can make a goal.


EDIT: Apparently, it’s official:

You should cheer for FRANCE


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