You know what’s great about being part of a games company? Choosing and pushing projects that are close to your heart. Picking out games that seem to be something a little different – something with a certain spark in them. Games you want to publish because YOU want a copy of them, dammit. As shouldn’t […]

Busy…in a good way…

Solicitation info being sent to distributors now. It’s been a while, but with Russia (hopefully) looming on the horizon, everything has to be done *ahead* of time. So we were finishing these off so that they can ship when announced (in April, I think), whether or not I’m in Russia. Much like Kobolds Ate My […]

Kobolds Drank My Warpcon

The Warpcon 2006 logo for the T-shirts is done! Huzzah! Huzzah! With Louisa Marie waiting in the wings, this will be the last con I do for quite some time. (I may make an appearance at the GAMA Trade Show, but that’s a different beast entirely). After Warpcon, I’ll be taking much of the year […]

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