You know what’s great about being part of a games company?

Choosing and pushing projects that are close to your heart. Picking out games that seem to be something a little different – something with a certain spark in them. Games you want to publish because YOU want a copy of them, dammit.

As shouldn’t need stating, I love Out of the Box Games games.

Being a part of OTB, though, some games become special to you.

Apples to Apples, obviously. And Snorta. (Both Games Magazine Party Games of the year, too).

The Ten Days series (10 Days in Africa, the USA, Europe and next, Asia).

Cloud 9 is a marvelous little beauty, as is Gold Digger, which is getting a fancy new treatment in a Cloud 9/Tut sized box.

But the game I really, really can’t wait for is Cineplexity.

This is the first game I’ve seen since Apples to Apples that evokes the same kind of passion, laughter and discussion: folks just want to keep on playing it. At Dorkstock last November, answers were being shouted from across the room, as people playing other games wanted a piece of the action.

It’s not a Trivia Game. It’s un-Trivia. The only answers that matter come from the movies you’ve seen. And casual movie-goers, or even folks who just catch the occasional movie on TV, seem just as adept at it as do hard-core buffs.

Well, the final prototype for the New York toy and Game Fair is coming along, and the new box, I think, reflects the wild nature of gameplay you can get. Especially if ten or more people are playing (it can accomodate from three to maybe 12 or 15 – much like Apples to Apples, the more the merrier). So it looks like the game will be out in time for the summer conventions. Huzzah, huzzah!

I’m just incredibly excited about this baby. Designed by three great guys in Madison, I think it’ll be a solid hit this year, but has legs to take it far. It’s the only movie game I’ve ever played that doesn’t suck (IMHO), and where you don’t have to know the director of Jaws IV to win. It’s got a nifty, elegant engine behind it that, again like Apples to Apples, takes 30 second to explain, and less time to play a round.

It’s fast and furious and just plain fun. And I’ll try and have a prototype deck at Warpcon.

This, I truly believe, is a very, very special game.

But mostly, I can’t wait to get my own copy. And we just put Cineplexity on the fast track.

And THAT’S what’s great about being a part of a game company.



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