Busy…in a good way…

Solicitation info being sent to distributors now.

It’s been a while, but with Russia (hopefully) looming on the horizon, everything has to be done *ahead* of time. So we were finishing these off so that they can ship when announced (in April, I think), whether or not I’m in Russia.

Much like Kobolds Ate My Baby, all my books should now be done before the solicitation info is sent to the catalogs.

Which, obviously, is how I should have been doing it all along.

But the books are in the can, and could go to press tomorrow, if they had to.

Fortunately, they don’t.

DSP 034
Dork Tower #34
First Printing
40 Pages, color $3.49
ISBN 1-933288-51-5
Written by John Kovalic
Pencilled, inked and colored by John Kovalic
Cover by John Kovalic
Shipping April, 2006

The DORK TOWER gang take a look at the early history of gaming, from binary lots used by prehistric humans through the board games of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome and the arrival of card games in Europe. A hysterical historical issue that no gamer will want to miss, with interviews of the world’s leading gaming scholars. PLUS: DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK, LETHARGIC LAD and an entire eight-page KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY insert supplement!

DSP 2903
Dr Blink: Superhero Shrink #3
First Printing
32 Pages, color $3.49
ISBN 1-930964-65-X
Written by John Kovalic
Pencilled and Inked by Christopher Jones, colors by Melissa Kaercher
Cover by Christopher Jones
Shipping April, 2006

Dr. Blink is back, with more cases than you can shake a super-psychosis at! Issue #3 of the critically acclaimed comic book contains the Wrath of Spaw…uh…someone, and the Appetite of Galactu…er…Ginormous! Plus, a five-page Dr. Blink story by Eisner Award-winner Alex Robinson, plus Dork Tower Dr. Blink backups, many in color for the first time! A Spring Special for fans and new readers alike!


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