Today's Cartoon…

Today’s cartoon is actually Monday’s cartoon, and is now up. Cartoons will run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, as the current storyline winds down… I’ll try and have Thursday and Friday’s cartoons up early their respective mornings. **** Amazingly, I’m still only a game behind first in the Mud Bay Pro Football Pick’Em league. […]

White Wolf Hacked

From Yahoo News, last Friday. Hadn’t heard about this until now. Where was I? Most likely drinking heavily. Or something. Hackers, Extortion threats Shut Down Game Site Ryan Naraine – eWEEK Fri Dec 16, 2:31 PM ET White Wolf Publishing Inc., a company responsible for some of the most popular role-playing game brands, has shut […]

Black Ink Monday

Dec. 12, 2005 EDITORIAL CARTOONISTS LAUNCH “BLACK INK MONDAY” TO PROTEST INDUSTRY LAYOFFS Today is Black Ink Monday. Nearly 100 editorial cartoonists from the U.S. and Canada are protesting drastic cutbacks in the newspaper industry the best way they know how — by mocking the perpetrators. The results are now online at Since Ben […]

It Was Fifteen Years Ago, Today…

Fifteen years ago, today, some writer for a local newspaper penned the following. He was kind of young, when he wrote it. And a lot of stuff he cranked out in those days was pretty bogus. He was sorta full of himself then, you know. But he tried. Anyway, this piece wasn’t so bad…I can […]

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