White Wolf Hacked

From Yahoo News, last Friday. Hadn’t heard about this until now. Where was I? Most likely drinking heavily. Or something.

Hackers, Extortion threats Shut Down Game Site

Ryan Naraine – eWEEK Fri Dec 16, 2:31 PM ET

White Wolf Publishing Inc., a company responsible for some of the most popular role-playing game brands, has shut down operations after international hackers exploited a software flaw and stole user data that included user names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords.


“White Wolf recommended that users and fans that may have used the same user name and password for other Internet services change those passwords immediately.”


Battleball (Hasbro/Milton Bradley) is a pretty cool game of Sci-Fi Football. Tons of excellent figures (Blood Bowl players take note), and clean, fun rules.

For $30, it’s quite a deal.

For $5, it’s an “IT MUST BE MINE!” Especially as many folks find money tight, these days.

Toys-R-Us, on the West Side of Madison, has tons of ’em in their games section, on sale for $4.98. I mean, that’s like $.25 per figure, with dice to boot!

This is an awesome gift for kids and/or gamers (it’s lite but fun, a good beer and pretzels outing).

Not sure of other Toys-R-Us have it about the country, but on Madison’s West Side, they’ve got quite a few.

Ages 8+.

Reviews and pics can be found here



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