Today's Cartoon…

Today’s cartoon is actually Monday’s cartoon, and is now up.

Cartoons will run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, as the current storyline winds down…

I’ll try and have Thursday and Friday’s cartoons up early their respective mornings.


Amazingly, I’m still only a game behind first in the Mud Bay Pro Football Pick’Em league. Plus, my Slackers are in now in sole possession of 2nd place, with two weeks to play, having gone 12-4 last weekend.

The picks I was proudest of were Houston over Arizona and Cleveland over Oakland.

My worst picks were Dallas over Washington, and Atlanta over Chicago, neither of which were even close.

My best move was switching from Green Bay to Baltimore at the last minute.

With so many close games, though, the sheer random nature of Pick’Em leagues is becoming apparent. I chose St. Louis over Philadelphia, with the Eagles winning 17-16. I chose Jacksonville over San Fransisco, with the Jaguars winning 10-9. And the Cleveland pick I was so proud of was another squeaker, 9-7.

Week 16 has too many divisional games, for my liking. This’ll probably be the week it all falls to pot, for me.

At least it was a good season, so far.

Once more unto the breach.



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