Top-5 List

Absolutely great to have discovered that Chris Pramas, one of my favorite people, like, EVAR, is now on LJ, at freeport_pirate. Also, he put this meme in my mind. List 5 of your current favorite songs (no order), and then tag 6 of your LJ friends to do the same. Now, tagging 6 LJ pals […]


I haven’t been able to get onto the ftp site that is kind enough to host Dork Tower online for a couple of days, now. E-mails asking if there’s a problem haven’t been replied to. Meaning there probably IS a problem. New cartoons are done and ready to run, here. More “Gilly in London” ones, […]

Much hurt, much defiance

I had some good news to post, but today isn’t the day for it. Scott Haring is perhaps the single individual most responsible for my entry into the gaming industry. A long time ago, he produced a magazine called The Gamer. I met him at GenCon, and liked the magazine. A lot. Being a writer […]

Meet the new boss…

I’m back in Madison, now. I was in London, at my sister’s place, for the last couple of weeks, getting Massive Amounts of Work Done. I saw some friends, but didn’t tell most I was even there, for which I am sorry. My excuse: this trip was about getting, as I noted, Massive Amounts of […]

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