Sketches of Spain, Germany, Italy, Madison…

There is good news on many a front. In Spain, the Dork Tower website en Espanol is up and running. There’s also a sidebar interview with me, with some really interesting questions from Spanish gamers. I’ll try and post that in English on Monday. ***** Also from Spain, La Factoria De Ideas/Distrimagen will be switching […]

Scotty The Brave

I interviewed James Doohan once, when I was a writer for the Wisconsin State Journal, and it was a delight. Absolutely one of my favorite interviews of all time. Right up there with Andy Partridge, of XTC, Billy Bragg and Dave Sim. Much of the phoner was devoted to things I’d never known about Mr. […]

FTP – Fthpppp!

Once more, FTP problems are keeping new cartoons from being posted. I apologize for this, and am trying my darndest to find out what the problem is. As soon as the host lets ME know, I’ll let you know. ***** Dork Tower #31 and Dr. Blink #2 are in some stores now. They should be […]


Did I promise “More on Snopes”? OK. Here we go. I briefly made it into Now, before I say anything, I do like Snopes a great deal. That and the alt.folklore.legends page are must-reads for anybody, before they forward another bogus (and they mostly all are) “you’ll never believe this really happened” message to, […]

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